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    We have raised Juicy from a pup and as soon as we saw her personality and color we just knew she would be joining the family. Juicy is fawn and is also Hereditary HC clear from her parents. Her mother is Trixie which also explains why she was kept, she is such a lovely cracking pet, so we had to keep her daughter which we named juicy.

    Juicy is always playing as she has a very cheeky character just like her mother. She is extremely loyal and protective to my kids and family, there is no mistaking that she feels she is the boss if you let her be, she plays fine with other dogs and absolutely loves her food, do anything for a treat. She will also bark at most opportunities.

    Item details
    • Year Of Birth
    • Breed
      French Bulldog
    • Life Span
      8-10 years
    • Origin
    • Colour
    • Raised from pup
    • Adorable
    • Hereditary HC Clear
    • Caring
    • Mature
    • Loves Children
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