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Chanel Coco
  • Chanel Coco

We have raised Sibby from pup as her mother is diamond. Since the day she was born we knew we were going to keep her. She was adorable. Sibby is solid blue and her coat is super shiny, no other colors. She is also Hereditary HC Clear from both her parents.

Sibby is the kids best friend. If you can’t find her you just know she’s with the kids. Very caring and mature like her mum.

Coco is a big girl now but still thinks she is a baby, she is very mischievous and cheeky, she loves kids and adults and like other dogs, she hardly makes a sound in the house and hardly barks, coco is more of a jumping playing type of dog that will just play by herself.

Item details
  • Year of Birth
  • Breed
    French Bulldog
  • Life Span
    8-10 years
  • Origin
  • Colour
    Solid blue
  • Raised from pup
  • Adorable
  • Shiny Coat
  • Heriditary HC Clear
  • Caring
  • Mature
  • Loves Children
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